House in Teià
– Residential

House in Teià – Residential

The house is situated on a small plot with a steep slope in a new residential area on the outskirts of Teià with distant views of the sea.

Because of the proximity of the neighbouring houses, the lack of privacy was an important issue to be dealt with.

A platform was built from the higher end of the site allowing for the garage at street level whilst raising the garden to the level of the daytime areas. The edge of the garden forms a horizon line that hides the view of the street whilst highlighting the more distant views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The house occupies the maximum footprint and building area permitted, allowing for patios to be carved out of the prism. These patios offer controlled exterior spaces linked to the each room in the house. Windows do not open directly onto the facade, thus visually sheltering the rooms from the neighbouring houses as well as concealing the presence of those houses from their occupants.

Given its visibility from the houses on the plots above, the roof is treated as a fifth facade.

Patios, porches and pergolas (for solar protection), and cross-ventilation in all spaces offer passive energy-saving strategies.



Location: Teià (Barcelona)
Client: Private
Contractor: Construcciones Ibañez Siles S.L.
Area: 245 m²
Construction date: 2012
Structural engineers: Martí Cabestany
Building services: Toni Tribó / Arcadi de Bobes
Surveyors: Eduard Vicente
Photos: Michele Curel / Soto-Lay Architects