2 Houses on Passeig d’Olabarría
– Residential

2 Houses on Passeig d’Olabarría – Residential

Two houses built on a plot in a typical garden city area of Sant Cugat del Vallès.
The unity of the two houses, each with its own singularity and the same functional programme, is given by their identical cuboid volumes with the maximum occupation permitted by the urban regulations.

Each is built with a different construction technique.

One house is of load-bearing North-South orientated concrete walls that open towards the garden at the South. The walls are perforated or cut whenever the programme requires access, views or natural light.
The other house is built with a visible steel structure infilled with timber panels. Solids and voids are organized through the tripartite division of the panels.
On the ground floor of the two houses, a large porch softens the transition between the interior and the garden, offering shade to the living spaces in summer.
Patios are carved out of volume of the upper floors of both houses, like outdoor rooms that offer distant views as well as outdoor spaces. In the concrete house, one of these outdoor rooms can be opened or closed with a great timber panel-wall that reinforces its character as an outdoor room.



Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Client: BAT XXI
Area: 1293 m2
Construction date: 2008
Architects: Santi Soto / Rafa Olcina
Structural engineers: Gerardo Rodriguez (STATIC)
Building services: Santi Soto
Surveyors: Susana Vinaja / Verónica Martínez
Photographs: Guy St. Clair