89 Apartments at Can Mates
– Residential

89 Apartments at Can Mates – Residential

Three housing blocks arranged around a communal garden are organized according to the town-planning regulations.
Three apartments are arranged around each service core, opening the facades of the end walls of the blocks.
The apartments have different typologies depending on their location in order to achieve an optimal orientation, a good relationship of the living rooms with the garden and cross-ventilation in all apartments.
Each apartment has a generous exterior space: terraces and balconies that also offer sun protection.
The buildings are of “Covadonga” brick in two colours.

The main energy-saving systems include mobile panels for solar protection on the facades, cross-ventilation in all dwellings, hot water production via solar panels, recycling of grey waters and recycling of rain water for watering the plants in the garden where native species with low water consumption have been planted.




Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Client: DIURSA
Contractor: PROMOBOYAL
Area: 13.426 m2
Construction: 2009
Architects: Santi Soto / Rafa Olcina
Structural engineers: Gerardo Rodriguez (STATIC)
Building services:  PROEN Projectes d’Enginyeria, S.L.