Apartment Refurbishment in Vallcarca
– Interiors

Apartment Refurbishment in Vallcarca – Interiors

This semi-basement flat that opens onto a back garden and without a street facade was completely renovated and refurbished. The structural walls were kept and all existing partition walls and false ceilings were removed.

The new partition walls are built to the height of the doors and the space above is filled with glass so that the original vaulted ceilings with wooden beams are never intercepted by solid walls, becoming extensive, continuous planes allowing light to enter all spaces.

The central area houses the kitchen and the bathrooms as well as an open space used as a library outside the kitchen. The kitchen is enclosed with glass so that it becomes part of this central space rather than a separate, isolated room. Its work surface and backsplash are seamless stainless-steel surfaces with incorporated sinks.

A long bookshelf separates the living-dining area from the two main bedrooms. Sliding doors slip between the bookshelf and the built-in wardrobes to close off the bedrooms. A white MDF panel is the continuation of these sliding doors becoming the element that runs through the whole dwelling, incorporating hidden cupboards, doors and the front door. It reflects light entering from the garden into the otherwise dark entrance hall. It is also the element that draws you from the entrance into the heart of the dwelling.



Location: Barcelona
Client: Privado
Contractor: Joan Fusté
Area: 112m2
Construction date: 2008
Architects: Santi Soto / Charmaine Lay
Structural engineers: Martí Cabestany
Photographs: Michele Curel