Collserola Horse Riding Club
– Facilities

Collserola Horse Riding Club – Facilities

Winner of the IV Vallès Architecture Biennale.
Finalist of the “Living with Wood” Prize.
Winner of the Best Work of Architecture of Sant Cugat, 11th Edition.


What were once agricultural terraces where cereals were cultivated situated at the edge of the protected Collserola Natural Park, is now the site of the Collserola Horse Riding Club and the Can Vilallonga Country House.

The character of this landscape determined the layout of the project. The stables are placed linearly, buried under the uppermost terrace, following the topography of the land so that the intervention almost disappears into the landscape, limiting its visual impact and avoiding building additional volumes around the country house.

The hayloft at the far end of the stables with its viewing platform becomes a counterpoint to the country house construction. The rest of the programme is placed in two pre-existing buildings that, together with the country house, form the entrance patio where the reception and changing rooms are.

The saddle room, storeroom, the washroom and the farriery are other spaces placed along the retaining walls. This system allows the addition of new dependencies without disfiguring the ensemble.

The 18th century Can Vilallonga Country House with the typical three-bay structure of the typology and two outhouses was refurbished and converted into a social club of the horse riding club and its restaurant. The restoration does not try to mimic the old historical elements, but makes a clear distinction between the old and the new.

In the interior, the structural walls that define the typology are maintained and the floor and roof structures are replaced with a mixed structure of timber and steel. The facades maintain the original openings, restoring the stone jambs and lintels that coexist with the new superimposed and clearly differentiated timber frames.



Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Cerdanyola)
Client: BAT XXI
Contractor: Belscom XXI
Construction: 2003-2006
Architects: Santi Soto / Rafa Olcina
Structural engineers: Gerardo Rodriguez (STATIC)
Services engineers: SAFIR XXI
Surveyor: Yolanda Martínez
Photographs: Lluis Casals