Inca Public Market
– Facilities

Inca Public Market – Facilities

First prize, ideas competition, 2000.
Selected work in ‘FAD Prizes’, 2011.


The demolition of the old Market building offered the opportunity to rediscover a new public space in the heart of the city of Inca, just a few metres away from Inca´s Main Street and the Town Hall.

The proposal obtains the maximum possible amount of public space while accommodating the different requirements of a varied programme: car park, supermarket, retail shops, council offices and public market.
It is a public space that aims to support the present and future activities of this place.

The car park and the supermarket are located underground, while the rest of the required programme rises from the ground and reaches its maximum height at the council offices.

Beginning at one end of the site, the wooden paving detaches itself from the ground in order to cover the entrance to the car park. This wooden strip continues as a kind of pergola that runs parallel to the street, wrapping the main public space of the square, before transforming itself once again –unfolding into three sloped planes– to become the roof of the market. A final horizontal stretch covers the building containing the retail spaces and the council offices. This strip is the main element of continuity throughout the project and it reflects the hidden structural bays of the car park beneath upon the surface.

The market is treated as a covered plaza that is continuous with the public space surrounding it. The folds of the market roof allow for the natural light and ventilation desired.



Location: Inca (Mallorca)
Client: Ayuntamiento de Inca
Contractor: Dragados (primera fase) / Melchor Mascaró (segunda fase)
Area: 11.395 m2 (edificación) y 4.185 m2 (urbanización)
Cost: 5.459.000 euros (PEM)
Construction: 2005-2009
Architects: Charmaine Lay, Carles Muro
Collaborators: Miquel Mariné (Dirección de Obra)
Susana Aristoy, Juan Carlos Castro, David Domínguez, Raphael de Montard, Alfredo Peñafiel, Gisela Planas, Anna Tantull, Ferran Vizoso
Structural engineers: BOMA (Lluís Moya, Xavier Aguiló)
Services engineers: Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques (Albert Salazar, Cristian González)
Quantity surveyors: Forteza Carbonell Associats (Jordi Carbonell, Xavier Arumí)
Site surveyor: Héctor Fernández
Photographs: José Hevia y Jaime Sicilia