Marga A. Sennacheribbo
– Interiors

Marga A. Sennacheribbo – Interiors

The limitations of the project: a small and irregular space, a very low budget and little time for construction were determining factors in the choice of materials and the configuration of the project. Thus, a single material –6cm wide tongue and groove pine boards- folds around the space, and transforming itself into the display shelf, the counter, the ceiling and walls. The timber surface unifies the space and conceals all services pipes and tubes. It also incorporates the lighting as well as the system for hanging the works of art.

The ends of the folds -the entrance, the display shelf and the counter- are supported by steel tubes fixed to the ceiling which increasing the sensation of weightlessness. These tubes also support lamps that punctuate the surface of the wood at the counter and the display shelf.

An art gallery that distances itself from typical neutral, white spaces. The materials are simply present, coexisting and contrasting with the works on display.



Location: Barcelona
Client: Privado
Contractor: XEDEX S.A.
Area: 76m2
Construction dates: 2007
Photographs: Adrià Goula