Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Gyotaku
– Interiors

Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Gyotaku – Interiors

Exhibition Design of Victoria Rabal’s ‘Gyotaku: Capturing the Souls of Fish’.
Finalist 2015 FAD Awards for Ephemeral Interventions.


The technique of ‘Gyotaku’ -‘fish printing’- is achieved with few means: fish, hands, paper, ink and brush. The montage of this exhibition also adopts this approach. With limited material resources and a very short execution time, the space was filled with the prints as the support disappeared into the background giving prominence to the work. It was also conceived to be easily mounted and dismantled because of the itinerant nature of the exhibition.

The scale of this exhibition space, where ships were once built, allowed us to work in length, breadth and height filling the space with the work.

The structure, is conceived to disappear amongst the exhibited works. Two swings set on three levels were built to support the stainless steel hanging lines with weights at their ends upon which the Gyotakus were to be hung. Nets fall vertically through the entire height of the space. The backdrop for images and texts are painted dark grey.

The swaying caused by the non-rigid support accompanies the visitor as they move amongst the Gyotaku. The visitor sees the Gyotaku from different points of view: from close, from far, from the front, from behind, as they walk amongst them.



Location: Museu Marítim de Barcelona
Client: Victoria Rabal / Museu Marítim de Barcelona
Design: SOTO-LAY Architects / Martí Cabestany
Graphic Design: Ximena Pérez-Grobet
Video: Jordi Castells i Daniela Colafrancheschi
Lighting: Iguzzini
Photographs: Pedro Roth / Roger Veláquez