Perec Shelf
– Design

Perec Shelf – Design

We believe that good design consists of identifying an interesting problem and providing an intelligent answer to it.

The End of the Bookend

Until now, the best shelving systems on the market have largely addressed issues of versatility, resistance and assembly. When a generic shelf is used for storing books, it performs well only when it is either completely full –not one book can be added or removed- or when it is supplemented with a number of bookends. Otherwise, the books lose their balance, fall to one side and eventually become damaged.

PEREC is a shelf specifically thought for books. A bookshelf that takes advantage of the weight of the books in order to achieve a permanent state of equilibrium regardless of the number of books sitting on the shelf: a living bookshelf.

The horizontal displacement of the modules allows for the creation of an infinite number of mosaic-like patterns on the wall, as well as space for books of different sizes.

We presented a series of variations based on the same geometric principle of which, the first, PEREC, was produced by PuntMobles.



Design: Charmaine Lay / Carles Muro
Produced by: PuntMobles