Public Health Centre in Castellar del Vallès
– Facilities

Public Health Centre in Castellar del Vallès – Facilities

The building spreads the site as far as the local planning regulations permit. The footprint delimits a rectangle of 45 x 26.5 m² containing the entire programme.

We occupy the entire site in two different ways. The area assigned to the surgeries extends across the ground like a thick, heavy carpet with holes regularly punched out of it to allow air and light to penetrate. All other areas are compacted together at the opposite end of the site. Extension and compactness.

The vestibule simultaneously separates and unites the two zones.
The surgery area is composed of a mechanism of aggregation of a common unit that is defined by the programme, consisting of a doctor’s surgery, a nurse’s surgery and a waiting room. A patio accompanies each waiting room offering it an important source of natural light and an identity, so that each waiting room has its own unique character. Each pair of these operative units forms a larger unit that can be identified by the colour of one of its patios.
Thus, through colour, each unit becomes unique and identifiable.
Simultaneously, through their dimensions, their position in plan and the materials used, the patios also become part of a series.
A continuous brick skin wraps the building and responds to the building’s varying requirements of natural lighting, ventilation and privacy.




Date: 1995-1999
Architects: Charmaine Lay / Carles Muro / Quim Rosell
Client: Servei Català de la Salut
Contractor: CORSAN
Collaborator: Lluís Ortega
Structures: Gerardo Rodríguez (STATIC)
Services: Albert Salazar (Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques)
Quantity Surveying: Anna Moreno
Site surveyor:  Josep Vila / Taller d’Enginyeries