Public Health Centre in Tordera
– Facilities

Public Health Centre in Tordera – Facilities

The programme is contained within a rectangle of 30 x 50 metres which is placed at the highest end of the site. From this first rectangle, a corner is removed to mark to signal the main entrance by creating a widening of the public space like a small open-air vestibule.

Once inside, the entrance hall allows direct access to all areas of the building: first aid, health education, surgeries and, via a restricted access next to the reception desk, to staff and service areas.

The surgery area, which is the functional backbone of the building, is organized in groups of four surgeries in order to achieve a fragmentation of the waiting rooms. Each of the six waiting rooms is accompanied by a patio that provides natural light and privacy. Each of the waiting rooms is identified by a different colour, offering a feeling of identity and orientation to the users. The patios, clad in white enamelled brick, also provide natural light to the surgeries.

Taking advantage of the slope of the site, the staff area is placed on a lower level that opens onto a porch and a small private garden. A series of skylights bring the light of the patios above into the circulation spaces on the lower floor.

The building is wrapped with an envelope made up of two different types of brick: shiny black enamelled brick in the lower areas and matt black enamelled brick in the upper parts of the facade. The differences between the two types of brick tend to either vanish or exaggerate, depending on the orientation and the time of the day, offering an exciting play of glitter, reflections and shadows. This dark and protective envelope creates a strong contrast with the brightness of the interior space.



Location: Tordera (Spain)
Architects: Charmaine Lay, Carles Muro
Area: 1600.0 m2
Year: 2010
Photographs: Carles Muro + Charmaine Lay
Collaborators: Rafel Crespo, Miquel Mariné,
Manuel Julià, Pepe Ramos, Anna Tantull
Structure: BOMA (Xavier Aguiló)
Client: Servei Català de la Salut / GISA
Construction: Constructora San José
Installations: Instalacions Arquitectòniques,
(Albert Salazar, Cristian González)
Quantity Surveyors: Forteza Carbonell Associats
Execution Director: Ferran Pelegrina i Associats