One-family house on Madrid Avenue
– Residential

One-family house on Madrid Avenue – Residential

The refurbishment and extension of a small one-family house was an opportunity to incorporate energy-saving systems and comfort into a project with a low budget. Maximum benefits with a minimum of resources.

SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS were used that did not require specialized labour and the possibility of self-build of certain parts of the project.
The existing building was in a state of disrepair as it was a cheaply built summer residence. The The extension is a box of reinforced concrete and brick, braced with steel sections that also support the wooden beams of the upper floors, whilst the ground floor consists of a traditional ventilated slab of prefabricated beams and terracotta vaults.
The upper floors, flooring, back and side facades were self-built by the owners.

The facade is of large panels of wood-fibre cement screwed onto battens forming a ventilated facade. The south facade is consists of single large window formed of standard aluminium joinery placed in front of the concrete wall forming a trombe wall to capture heat that is distributed to the whole dwelling via standard ducting and fans that are easily obtainable from any hardware store.
The incorporation of exterior awnings were foreseen in case the planted trees did not offer sufficient sun protection.
Good cross-ventilation between north and south facades, manually operated openings in the trombe wall to allow heated air to enter and standard fans for its movement allows the user to optimize the working of the building’s energy system.



Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Client: Privat
Contractor: COVEN 4, S.L.
Area: 1125 m2
Construction: 2005
Structural engineers: Gerardo Rodriguez (STATIC)
Photographs:  Santi Soto