Refurbishment of an Apartment
– Interiors

Refurbishment of an Apartment – Interiors

The apartment is situated in a 1960’s residential building in the centre of Barcelona. The proposal reduces the number of bedrooms allowing a substantial increase in the size of the living areas.

Large windows that overlook the city block interior become the focus of the project as their frames extend into and articulate the living room. The window frames extend and transform themselves into bookshelves, a place to sit, read and enjoy the view, a place to work…

The kitchen is receives light and long views to the exterior through a window that opens into the living room.

Emplazamiento: Barcelona
Promotor: Private
Constructor: TRAÇAT, Gabinet d’Arquitectura
Superficie: 104 m²
Construcción: 2017
Fotos: Michele Curel