The Santa Clara Houses
– Residential

The Santa Clara Houses – Residential

A complex setting in a garden with centenary trees, an existing house, complcated geometry and topography, and a school playground next door, determined the grouping of these four houses.

The houses open towards the garden and close themselves towards the private Access road that separates them from the playground. A continuous base unifies the ground floor level, where garages and annex rooms separated from the rest of the house are located. The prívate gardens are located on the upper level towards which the daytime areas open. The bedrooms are placed on the upper floor.

Particular care was taken with the privacy of the gardens, which is achieved through the topography, the placing of the houses and the volumetry of a low body that separates the service areas from the rest of the houses.

The houses open towards the more distant views of the wood and the communal garden with its monumental trees that prevent crossed views between neighbouring houses. The grouping of the houses unify the ensemble while allowing each house to be identifiable.



Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona
Area: 1.242m²
Year: 2003
Architects: Santi Soto / Rafa Olcina
Client: BAT XXI
Contractor: Belscom XXI
Structural Engineers: Gerardo Rodríguez, STATIC
Photography:  Lluis Casals