The Strand Quadrangle Building
– Facilities

The Strand Quadrangle Building – Facilities

King’s College London held an invited competition to design and develop the Quadrangle Building and its immediate surroundings. The Quad lies between the Grade I listed King’s Building and Somerset House East Wing.

It links the Strand to the Thames Embankment in the heart of central London.


The Quadrangle is understood as a place that is open and public: a place of interrelation, of dialogue, of encounter, as a generator of relationships…. Open to the strand, the Quadrangle invites the public to enter and enjoy it as part of the city.

Our proposal transforms the ground floor of The Strand Building by setting back the line of the façade and minimizing its occupation on the ground level, forming thresholds and creating an inviting entrance from the street to the Quadrangle. We establish a connection between The Strand and The Embankment through both the interior and the exterior spaces of the university.


Small changes in level allowed us to introduce three storeys below the surface of the Quad, thus condensing the programme without needing to occupy the surface of The Quadrangle. These changes in level are also transformed into elements that configure the public space by creating static spaces that allow interrelation.


Although the building itself is underground, we strengthen  lines of view in all directions so that they are never intercepted by walls, but rather by references of natural light and the surrounding historical buildings.

Within the building we create streets and interior plazas. There are no corridors. The spaces around the seminar rooms are understood simultaneously as circulation spaces and as spaces for learning and interrelation.



Architects: Soto-Lay Architects/Estudio Carme Pinos
Client: Kings College London
Location: Strand, London
Net Built Area: 4,236 m²
Date: 2012
Collaborators: Daniela Colafranceschi
Structural engineers: Martí Cabestany
Services engineers: Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques