2 Houses in Canada Avenue
– Residential

2 Houses in Canada Avenue – Residential

Winner of the ‘Best Work of Architecture of Sant Cugat’. 4th Edition, 2005.
Finalist in the ‘III Vallès Architecture Biennale’, 2005.


Two one family houses built in a residential area of the garden city on the outskirts of Sant Cugat del Vallès. The two houses are united at ground floor level to allow for a maximum free area for the well orientated south-facing garden.

The entrances to the garages are unified into a single ramp shared by the two houses. The side facades are relatively opaque with openings of brick latticework that offer privacy from the neighbouring houses.

The houses open towards the front and back gardens and overlook the distant views that are offered by the slope of the land.



Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Cerdanyola)
Client: BAT XXI
Contractor: Belscom XXI
Area: 1030 m2
Construction dates: 2003
Architects: Santi Soto / Rafa Olcina
Structural engineers: Gerardo Rodriguez (STATIC)
Building services: Santi Soto
Surveyors: Susana Vinaja / Verónica Martinez
Photografer: Lluis Casals